100 Days of PDP BJP partnership in J&K – Alliance for Change or Struggle?

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March 1, 2015: DAY 1 – PDP BJP earmarked a groundbreaking chapter in the political history of Jammu and Kashmir. Two very unlikely and ideologically different political parties joined hands on the agenda of Peace and Growth.

June 8, 2015: DAY 100 – The coalition government still lacks a profound vision, mutual acceptance of the contrasting ideologies and a unified agenda. Many promises were abandoned in no time and key concerns were disregarded by both the partners. Progress and Peace is yet to be witnessed. Growth? still unseen.

Is the PDP BJP alliance still struggling for a smooth sail?

The coalition government earmarked a historic day when the two contrasting parties joined hands on March 1. Over 45 days of uncertain and vague discussions the two agreed to work on the Agenda of Alliance with mutual cooperation and mutual compromise for the welfare of Jammu and Kashmir.

Today, on June 8, the coalition government completes 100 days in office with numerous lows and a very few highs. With Mufti Mohammad Sayeed steering the wheel of this unlikely collaboration, many unexpected and unforeseen decisions, issues and conditions surfaced, resulting in a bitter sweet result of the much awaited “change” in Jammu and Kashmir. When the coalition government came aboard, the state was already wrecked due to the devastating floods in September. Much was expected from the new government, which had given way more hopes to the people of J&K. BJP had chosen to be the messiah for the Pandits and Refugees and the PDP was ready to go to any extent for the peace of the valley. Kashmir vociferously opposed the partnership of PDP with the Bharaitya Janta Party as the latter’s ideology was likely unfavorable for the interests of valley and the valley people (including the militants as well as the separatist groups).

Mufti was accepted for his extensive regional political policies and administrative experience but BJP, despite a massive victory in Jammu suffered more losses than gains in the coalition politics of the two partners. The opportunity was rare for both the parties- PDP reemerged after 2002’s tenure of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and BJP for its very first got a chance of power and frontline role in Jammu and Kashmir. The two took the decision as a win-win situation for both, however, the after effects were more bitter than expected. The issues that were left at bay resulted in a cracked relationship between the two. BJP took no time to abandon its core issues for the sake of power and PDP left no chance to disregard the alliance by taking decisions on its own.

From Day 1, Mufti had stirred up the whole state with his first speech in the office which extensively favored the militants, separatists and our neighbor friend Pakistan. Afterwards the Masarat controversy resulted in a more fragile union of the two. Masarat’s detention was not discussed with the BJP and hence caught enough heat to force the matter till the Centre. Apart from that, the BJP’s plan to provide separate townships to the Kashmir Pandits instigated the separatists as well as the valley people who vehemently opposed the decision. The matter created a political storm throughout the state and was vigorously opposed by the opposition parties, separatist groups and the coalition partner as well. Of many contentious issues, AFSPA was abandoned from the Agenda of Alliance for the two parties shared a different take on the matter. PDP continued to provoke its revocation and BJP persistently continued to support AFSPA, which was one of the major lows of the union. Also, the PDP’s urge to initiate talks with separatists and Pakistan was not positively harbored by the BJP and the matter again brought the two under pressure.

The prospects of the unlikely union of the Hindu-centric BJP and the Kashmir-centric PDP had rejuvenated new hopes among the people but the result of the coalition was not attractive enough. With many clashes the two barely resulted in anything positive for the state. “The vote for change” was supported unexpectedly but the results haven’t been so fortunate yet. The two are still struggling for a smooth sail, despite a rocky beginning. There is still time for the seeds of good governance to sprout. With mutual compromise and healthy adjustment, the two can set sail for a historic chapter awaiting to be written.

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    I being dist Secy Pradesh congress committee zahid bashir are request to over PM please give good good committee for new cm in kashmir


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