PDP-BJP should form Govt soon to respect people’s verdict; deliver on CMP


BJP-PDP, BJP, PDP, Bharatiya Janata Party, People's democratic Party, Jammu, Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir Government formation, J&K government Formation, BJP-PDP Government, BJP PDP Talks, BJP PDP GovernmentWith election in Delhi over, the time has come for the BJP to take firm steps and formally get into a coalition with PDP and bring to the people the government they voted for. Jammu and Kashmir voted for a democratically elected government in which power would be shared equally by Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh. The verdict also meant an end to the discrimination against Jammu and Ladakh, and announced a new era of equity, accountability, and transparency. The people in Jammu are also elated that for the first time after accession Jammu will find adequate representation in the scheme of governance, and power will be really shared after more than half a century. It is worth mentioning that lack of political power, financial resources, and administrative control has put Jammu back in every sphere of development, and growth.

The people in Jammu being secular, and having a strong belief in the unity of the state have not opposed the BJP in sharing power with PDP, which is a party having belief in soft separatism. The voters in Jammu and Kashmir basically want better governance, end to corruption, and cleaning the state administration of elements which have colluded with land mafia to encroach government, and forest land worth crores of rupees. The people also want that BJP should deliver on it’s promises of ensuring development in entire Jammu province including the Muslim dominated areas, and the PDP should cater to Kashmir, and the coalition government together should look after the entire state particularly Ladakh which has been clamouring for Union Territory status. The delay in formation of government is also giving ammunition to the defanged National Conference and it’s leader Omar Abdullah to question both the parties over government formation.

Omar is trying to paint the BJP communal, and said that NC supported Congress to strengthen the secular forces. The constant flurry of attacks by NC can only be stopped by the early formation of BJP-PDP coalition government in the state. Also this government should start working from the Day one, and despite the internal saboteurs in both BJP, and PDP it should keep the CMP in focus, and work towards helping the poor, the weaker sections of the population. J&K today needs infrastructure, industry, push to trade and tourism and end to corruption. If the PDP-BJP government can do it then there is no doubt that they will have come good on expectations of the people.

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