PDP-BJP govt has been a policy and governance “nightmare” for the state: Omar

Srinagar, August 11: “All self-marketed myths of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed stood exposed as the PDP-BJP coalition govt has turned out to be a complete failure that stood on an ever-mounting pyre of broken promises and U-turns,” Former chief minister Omar Abdullah said..

Omar was speaking at  launching a membership drive of his party National Conference (NC) in North Kashmir. Terming the present coalition government as a “complete failure”, he said “From 2005 to 2014, PDP’s propaganda machinery wanted us to believe that Sayeed was the only magical solution to all vexed political and economic problems that others had only tried to solve in right earnest. Today, these myths about Sayeed stand shattered.

He said that the govt has proven to be a policy and governance “nightmare” for the state, which needs economic impetus for reconstruction after the devastating floods and alleged that PDP used emotive slogans to exploit the sentiments of the people and “ditched them at the first sight of power”.

“Their truck with BJP is unarguably the most opportunistic U-turn in the history of J&K and this will prove to be the final nemesis of the party,” Omar said.

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