PDP condemns attack on Qazi Afzal’s residence


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has strongly condemned the attack by NC workers on the residential house of Qazi Mohammad Afzal the senior party leader in Laar Ganderbal.

In a statement the party Chief Spokesperson said NC was in panic mode in Ganderbal after their star campaigners Dr Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah faced questions from locals about their performance during last five years and about their promises made in the last elections which have not been fulfilled. Instead of replying to the questions the NC leaders resorted to the only answer they have for every question: use of force.

The chief spokesperson said that the angry leadership of the party unleashed police force on village Barsoo for having dared to ask questions to the leaders seeking votes once again. Police reportedly entered homes and ransacked them and caused damage to property.

Akhtar said after having faced hot and cold response to their to leaders who could not attract even a few dozen people to their meetings the local NC leader along with his workers attacked senior PDP leader Qazi Mohammad Afzal’s residence in Laar. Not only were windowpanes of his house broken in heavy stone pelting but three persons including two children sustained injuries.
The spokesperson said police though present on the occasion did nothing to prevent the attack. Till last reports an FIR was yet to be registered in the Ganderbal police station