PDP denies setting any condition for Government formation


People’s Democratic Party (PDP) today said that no particular conditions has been set for the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) for the formation of new coalition Government in the State but PDP is still reassessing ,how far the ‘Agenda of Alliance’ has been implemented during coalition Government headed by former Chief Minister, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed.
In the meantime, the BJP is stressed that the PDP should first elect its Legislature Party leader and then rake up its objections  including points in the ‘Agenda of Alliance’ which it wants to put into practice.

Close adviser and senior PDP leader, Naeem Akhtar told that no formal meeting has been held with colleagues to discuss as how much of the common vision of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and Mufti Sahab regarding the State had been implemented on ground. He added that since her father’s demise  ,the party president, Mehbooba Mufti, had no contact  neither with senior leader and MP, Muzaffar Hussain Beigh  nor with any of her colleagues to discuss the implementation of ‘Agenda of Alliance’ during Mufti Sahib’s time.
The PDP leader said: “There is no point  of discussing the ‘Agenda of Alliance’ but we want to evaluate what we have achieved on this during Mufti Sahib’s time. The problem before the party is that, if we have not achieved anything on agenda of alliance during Mufti Sahib’s time what can we expect achieve on this in his absence.”
Akhtar said that Government formation is not a big deal but “we need to figure out the purpose of its formation.” He told that Mufti Sahib worked for the development of the State and his last query was: “Has the money been transferred for the rehabilitation of migrant Pandits and  the flood victims of 2014 ”?

He said that the alliance between PDP and BJP was a bold move made  by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and it was more like an alliance of Kashmir with rest of the country. Akhtar explained how the ‘Agenda of Alliance’ is in favour of the country and if that does not happen, the whole country will feel the heat. Adding to his statement ,he said that the return of power projects, setting up of thermal power station in the State, smart cities and vacation of unauthorized land from the possession of armed forces is a  part of the ‘Agenda of Alliance’. Commenting on the return of power projects to the state, he said ,“If power projects are returned to the State, Jammu will be more benefitted, if smart cities are made here, both Jammu and Srinagar will be benefitted.”
Meanwhile, BJP national vice president , Avinash Rai Khanna, Incharge Jammu and Kashmir, told that the PDP should first choose its Legislature Party leader and forward that decision to the Governor before holding meetings on any issues they want-whether its about  ‘Agenda of Alliance’ or otherwise. Further adding to it ,he said that the situation can be re-assessed only if  PDP elects its Legislature Party leader.

BJP leader and Former Deputy Chief Minister,  Dr Nirmal Singh said that the BJP was committed to coalition Government and any grievances, raised by the PDP, can be discussed.
BJP sources said that the ‘Agenda of Alliance’ had clearly stated that the Centre will delve into possibilities of return of Central power projects to the State.


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