PDP to develop Hajin town on modern lines



Srinagar, July 25: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has assured the residents of Hajin, in Sonawari constituency of Bandipur district, that it would develop the town along modern lines with all required amenities. The party Chief Spokesperson, Naeem Akhtar, extended this assurance to a visiting deputation from the area, who called upon him on Friday, a party statement said.

Akhtar said the town has suffered extreme neglect till now and has also suffered on all accounts and education sector has been the main causality. He told the delegation that a focused educational project would be launched in the area in view of very high rate of illiteracy prevailing there. He said primary, secondary and college education facilities would be expanded and its quality upgraded, the statements reads further.

According to the statement, Akhtar told the visiting delegation that PDP is well aware about their problems and concerns, and assured them that, like other areas of the state, development of the Sonawari constituency will also be among the foremost priorities of the party once it is voted to power.

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