PDP expels Leh district president for demanding UT status for Ladakh


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has expelled its District President Leh Tashi Gayalson from the basic membership of the party for signing a memorandum, demanding Union territory status for Ladakh province.

A PDP spokesman said the head of the party’s disciplinary committee Abdul Rehman Veeri took the decision against Gayalson for violating the party’s whip.

“Mr Gayalson signed the memorandum demanding union territory status for Ladakh which is against the policies of the PDP. That is why he has been expelled,”  said Abdul Veeri head of PDP’s disciplinary committee.

He Further added the PDP believes in unity of the state and any move which aims at dividing it on regional and religious lines would only be an unfortunate development, and the party under no circumstances can endorse any such divisive move.


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