PDP flexes muscle after Delhi verdict; BJP leaders stiff about key portfolios



The massive loss of BJP in the capital has not left the party perturbed and the party is rather pursuing its core issues aggressively while finalizing the CMP to be framed between the two partners- PDP and BJP. The two partners are yet to hold a structured talk before the CMP is finalized to run the coalition government in Jammu and Kashmir.

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The Kashmir centric party PDP has however started flexing its muscle after the capital has declared the verdict and BJP has fallen flat on its face. The saffron party in response to the Delhi results is hopeful that it would convince PDP to incorporate some of its core issues into the Common Minimum Program which is yet to be finalized after the two hold a structured talk.

According to sources the party’s prominent leaders held a meeting to discuss the government formation. The senior leaders of the party’s core group had gone to Delhi to discuss the prospects and modalities of government formation with the high command and have now briefed the other members about their contemplations. Reportedly, the two parties have arrived at a consensus on most of the contentious issues that were catalyzing the delay.

The BJP has abandoned its demand on Article 370 for now but is still stiff on the issue of citizenship rights to the West Pak refugees. The party has also decided to give the six year term of CM to the PDP instead of rotational CM which was expected by the people of Jammu. Now, the party intends to bargain on the core demands of the party and important key portfolios. In lieu of the six year tenure of Chief Minister to the PDP, the party anticipates a good share in the Council of Ministers and is avid to posit this demand before the two form the government officially.BJP is also stiff to bring forth its demand on the constitution of the Delimitation commission so as the injustice towards Jammu could come to an end.

The meeting held between the party’s core group observed   that now was the appropriate time to resolve the humanitarian issue of the West Pak refugees  and with the support of Union government the issue could be solved once and for all. As per the sources the party group has conveyed that they are not ready to compromise on any of the core demands.