PDP government will utilize youth power in the development and prosperity of the people: Yuvraj Vikramaditya Singh


vikramaditya singh

Continuing his election campaign in favour of party candidates,Senior Peoples Democratic Party leader Yuvraj Vikramaditya Singh today addressed public meeting at Kahpotta (Dansal) in Nagrota constituency. Expressing hope that PDP will form next government, Vikramaditya Singh said that the new government will ensure equitable distribution of state resources to all the sections of the society as well as all the regions of the state. He expressed concern over the discrimination against Jammu division by successive governments, Vikramaditya Singh said that Jammu province people have been denied their rights and new government will end this discrimination by formulating various policies especially for youth who have been deprived of recruitment in govt. service. Describing the youth power the biggest resource of the state, Vikramaditya Singh said that PDP government will utilize this youth power in the development of the state and prosperity of the people.Vikramaditya said that people would definitely vote for change in favour of PDP as there is no other option. Recalling the achievement of the party during its power previously, Singh said that Mufti Syed is a man of principles and he has a mission of making the state a model state in the country. He urged the people to co-operate with the party candidates so that this mission will be achieved. He said PDP government will ensure accountable administration, peoples participation and overall development of the state. Vikramaditya Singh said that some vested interest elements are spreading propaganda that PDP is Kashmir centric party and it could hardly do justice with Jammu Division adding that the party is as popular in Jammu Division as in Kashmir. That is why he has joined the party.

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Cautioning the people against the propaganda and false promises of other parties Singh appealed the voters to defeat these forces in the assembly. He said that PDP believes in action and the action will certainly be there after the new government is formed. In his address party leader and Ex. MLC Ved Mahajan said that more and more people are joining the party in Jammu Division as they are satisfied with the programs and policies of the party. He said that only PDP can fulfill the aspirations of Dogras. Speaking on the occasion Party Candidate from the Constituency Chaudhry Hassain Ali Wafa appealed the voters to give him a chance to serve this constituency under the able guidance of the visionary leader Mufti Mohd. Syed. He assured that this area will be brought on the tourist map and the burning problems of the people in general and youth in particular will be solved, Kuldeep Sharma,Rashid Malik, Ex. MLC Choudry Nizam-ud-Din Khatana, Kishor Sharma, Haji Ishak Mohd., Sandeep Singh Jamwal. Sudrashan Choudary also spoke in the meeting.