PDP Govt in J&K will ensure continued discrimination with Jammu and Ladakh

With PDP hardening it’s stand, and putting BJP on the back foot it is time for the strategy makers in the party to take stock of the situation, and understand that appeasement of Kashmir at the cost of it’s supporters in Jammu will only ensure in diminishing returns for the party. By catering solely to whims, wishes and demands of it’s pre-dominantly Kashmiri Muslim support base, Mehbooba has done well, and if she is able to form the government with BJP, she will ensure that entire focus of development is Kashmir Valley as she is concerned about her future in the valley.

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A Kashmir centric CM like Mehbooba would only end increase discrimination with Jammu and Ladakh as these regions did not gave any support to her party. The BJP has already given up key ministries to PDP and this has ensured that those in power clearly prefer Kashmir over Jammu and Ladakh. The focus on law, and order, and containment of insurgency also means that governance is always on the bacburner in the state. The abject surrender by BJP to get into the government has ensured continued regional discrimination with no major industry or software park coming up in either Jammu or Ladakh. The problem is so acute that nothing can come up or development in Jammu can happen if the same sop is not offered to valley.

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Mehbooba Mufti has been repeatedly demanding liberal funding from centre but the real obstacle in this sources said was the lack of accountability of both political leadership, and bureaucracy of the state in spending this money in responsible manner. A large portion of the money sent to the state is siphoned off in guise of development projects, and schemes. And large part of this is spent in Kashmir valley, and that is the reason that despite no development, growth or industry there is affluence in this part of the state, which is now increasingly coming under question. Crores have been sent to J&K but spending on social sector is poor, and the centre has started questioning on what is happening to the money. It is because of the intense corruption that money flow to the state has been slowed down.

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