PDP has accepted BJP’s sacrifice, will Jammu do?


Now that BJP is laden with massive loss in Delhi, the Modi wave seems to be diminishing. AAP’s sensational comeback has washed away the wee remains of Modi wave in the capital. To surprise of many, Arvind Kejriwal has again made a remarkable victory in Delhi.  BJP leaders in J&K, however think that Delhi elections would not change their impact in Jammu but gauging the whole scenario, BJP’s loss in Delhi plus BJP’s sacrificial compromise in J&K might belittle the now-significant BJP in the region.

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To come into power, BJP is ready to sacrifice all the demands which got the party such a sweeping victory. Modi wave had started becoming more of a monarchy lately and the effect of that seems to be fading now. The public supported the party’s agenda during the campaign but now in the course of coming to power, BJP is deliberately forgetting that. The sacrificial loss of BJP seems to be just another aspect of the party being solely power hungry. The curtains are being lifted and the two have almost declared their partnership. The structured talk is yet to be held before the CMP is framed and the three major BJP leaders have already been called to Delhi.

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One thought on “PDP has accepted BJP’s sacrifice, will Jammu do?

  • February 10, 2015 at 5:00 pm

    Some people were thinking the Delhi results will not to effect the government formation in J&K. But it is going to have adrastic effect on the situation in J&K. With their loss in Delhi, BJP lost control and PDP has gained full of it on dialogue pross going on between the two parties.


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