PDP has second thoughts about forming Govt with BJP, calls for firm assurances from centre

PDP, BJP, CONGRESSThe BJP is likely to face more trouble in the course of government formation as PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti is in no mood to relent on the Agenda of Alliance. PDP wants firm assurance from the Modi government on transfer of power projects and liberal funding for development of Jammu and Kashmir something about which the centre should not have a problem. What has caused loss of face for the BJP is that while Mehbooba has shown no hurry to become the CM, it’s the BJP leaders, and their ministers who have shown restlessness. People in Jammu and BJP watchers also aver that in pursuit of power the party has given too much on ideology, and also in it’s share of power in which PDP has gained the majority share.

Meanwhile, sources in PDP tell that there is large section which does not want any truck with pro-Hindu BJP but they are unlikely to oppose any final decision taken by Mehbooba Mufti. PDP leadership has already laid bare it’s demand to BJP central leadership, and the ball sources said is in the court of BJP high command to take final call. PDP sources in fact have given hints that party might go for fresh elections if BJP does not make some firm commitments on agenda of alliance agreed between the two sides. The party leaders also said that forming the coalition with PDP has led to several issues such as beef ban, article 370, state flag which is why PDP is having second thoughts on government formation.

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