PDP holds protest over Israeli aggression in Gaza

9/24/2001 10:41 PM

Srinagar, July 15: The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Tuesday held a strong demonstration against the Israeli attack on Gaza that has resulted into the killings of more than 180 innocent Palestinian people, with hundreds of others injured and thousands fleeing their homes.

Addressing the gathering the speakers called upon the union government to immediately intervene in the matter and help to end the brutal massacre of men, women and children in Gaza. “As the largest democracy of the world India can’t remain a mute spectator to this naked aggression by Israel and should demand immediate end of the massacre of men, women and children in Gaza,” the Speakers said.

The leaders said it was ironic that the world community has maintained a criminal silence on the Israeli offensive and urged upon India to take serious note of the issue and help in convening the emergency meeting of the United Nations over the grave humanitarian crisis. “It is not only Israel which is responsible for the crime against the humanity but the entire international community should share the blame as it has maintained deliberate silence over the matter,” the leaders added. They said the world powers have shamelessly adopted a dual policy over the Gaza crisis and maintained unless it will awake from the deep slumber nothing concrete will come out.

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