PDP kickstarts campaign in Bishnah assembly segment


Criticizing Omar Abdullah led coalition regime for its failure to solve problems of the common masses, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) today said that this regime has failed to bring transparency and accountability in the governance. Party leaders observed that legalizing corruption and nepotism was the only noticeable achievement of the six years tenure of this regime headed by National Conference. Addressing a public meeting at Pandorian village of Bishnah assembly segment to kick start election campaign in this border segment, PDP leaders assured the gathering that PDP would formulate a comprehensive programme and policy for the upliftment and betterment of the inhabitants of border areas.

They reminded the people that PDP had earlier proved how to focus on the border areas for the socio-economic growth of the residents of these areas. Speaking on the occasion, general secretary of the party, Yashpal Sharma, MLC said regretted that instead of addressing woes of the common people this regime was more particular about befooling the people by one or other way. Calling upon the party workers to educate the people about the misdeeds of this regime, he said that Government was neck deep in corruption from top to bottom and leaders of the ruling party have been brazenly indulged in accumulating huge wealth by misusing their position. He further regretted that common masses in the state have been struggling with number of problems but the members of the ruling coalition have been using state resources for their personal comforts.

Residents of all regions of the state have been struggling to get basic amenities like drinking water, power and ration but the government seems to be non serious in solving these basic problems, he said. He mentioned this regime has failed to connect itself with the common masses and gap between people and ruling party leaders has been widening. Speaking on the occasion, senior PDP leader and former MLC Ved Mahajan exhorted the party workers to expose mis-deeds of this regime. He said that rural areas were the worst victim of the wrong policies of successive National Conference regime. He regretted that National Conference has not learnt any lessons from its past mistake. “From 1996 to 2002, the then National Conference regime had committed blunders which led to total chaos in the State”, he reminded and added that the present dispensation headed by the National Conference has been committing the same mistakes by ignoring aspirations and wishes of the common people. He said that people of the state were looking towards PDP for the solution of their problems. He said that people were fed up with the other parties and they were anxiously looking for an opportunity to give PDP a chance. Faqir Chand, party candidate for Bishnah assembly, highlighted plights of refugees and assured to solve problems of refugees. He also flayed the government for giving rights to the Panchayat members. Satpal Charak, Chatter Saini, Yashpal Bhagat, and others addressed the meeting.

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