PDP not happy with BJP over certain issues; to ask for ‘adjustments’

Srinagar, January 14: A lot of speculations have been made in the political circles regarding the formation of new government in the state as both BJP  and PDP are reluctant to make any clear statements.

As per a senior PDP leader, before forming an alliance with the BJP again, the PDP will assess its performance of last 10 months as state administration. The party will also seek political and economic concessions before forging an alliance.

The PDP is already upset with BJP not fulfilling the promises on political and development fronts made in the agenda of alliance which includes the return of two power projects to the state.

Also, the former minister and aide of PDP president Mehbooba Mufti, Naeem Akhtar has said that the late  Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s dream was to see Jammu and Kashmir as a peaceful and economically developed model state and the party will make its best of efforts to make his dream come true.

“We are assessing our last 10 months as the government in order to take stock of what all has been achieved in this regard. We do not just want to sit on the big chair but to work for the welfare of the state,” he said.

Reports also said that another senior leader of the state has revealed that the party is seeking feedback from legislators, leaders and workers before making any decision over the formation of government again in the state. The feedback included views on performance of the PDP-BJP government over the last 10 months.

The sources said that the process of assessment is likely to delay government formation. Also, a hint has been given to BJP that the party is not in any hurry to the form the government.

However, MP Tariq Hamid Karra had already asked the party president not to ally with the BJP.

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