PDP questions govt moves on new administrative units. calls for making Mushtaq Ganai Committee report public


news_6_8_2010_17Former Finance Minister, and senior PDP leader Muzaffar Hussein Baig today demanded that recommendations made by Mushtaq Ahmed Ganai committee on creation of new administrative and development units in the state should made public. This committee was earlier headed by former Chief Secretary SS Billoria, and both the chairpersons had done a detailed exercise, met people across the state and made some recommendations in 2011. Since then the report has been gathering dust and the cabinet has been tossing the issue without taking any decision. Repeated demands were made to table the reports in the state legislature but without any response.

For some time now, as elections draw near, the ruling parties seems to have gone into an overdrive on the subject. The cabinet subcommittee has made some cosmetic appearances at some select places for so called interaction to elicit people’s views. It is beyond comprehension as to how common people or their representatives could offer their views without knowing the contents of the report or its recommendation. The exercise on the face of it is only an attempt to put up a facade for ruling parties’ designs to use the creation of new units for political purposes. Having failed on all fronts of governance the ruling party is now desperately trying to subvert the system to secure some seats for some influential politicians at a huge price to administrative system.

There are very strong reasons for questioning the bonafides of the ruling parties in ordering new units at the fag end of its tenure. It has earlier made a highly injudicious distribution of health centres approved by the Government of India. Instead of giving equitable share to all the constituencies the new health centres have been concentrated in some areas creating a highly lopsided picture of medical assistance at grass roots level. Similarly, the high and higher secondary schools have virtually been stolen by few ministers to buy loyalty of their constituencies while rest of the state has been left unattended. Similar self serving distribution of administrative units it seems is being attempted. We caution the ruling party of the pitfalls of such ‘ bander baant’.

PDP reiterates its demand of making the report of the Mushtaq Ganai committee public before any decision is taken without knowledge or views of the public. Even the portion of recommendations made by the earlier Biloeria committee should be put in public domain. PDP would want to make it clear that any lopsided, manipulative, injudicious or politically oriented creation of administrative units will not only take away the advantage that the ruling party desires to get out of this last hour poll gimmick, but will also create immense anger among the public who will feel deprived of the due rights.


The CSC exercise is patently farcical as they are working to a deadline given by the chief minister for his obvious political interests. The audience at these so called meetings is sponsored by the ruling party itself to elicit predetermined opinions. It is a fixed match. If the units had ultimately to be created through such charade what was the need for a committee and why did the ruling party wait for the election time to execute its plans.

The insincerity of the ruling parties in attempting to create new administrative units , at this stage, without putting in public domain the reports of experts and without discussing the same in the state legislature, is heightened by the facts that the statutory institutions like Panchayats have remained defunct because of the callous and unforgivable failure of the government to hold election at the block and district level . Further, despite the assurance of the ruling parties given to the legislature through the Governor’s address in Budget session of 2010 the elections to local bodies would be hold by May,2010, no step has been taken till today. The ruling parties desire to befool the electorate at this stage through creating some administrative units on paper only. This is nothing than another fraud being played on the people of the state.