PDP senses opportunity to push ‘Kashmir agenda’ after Delhi rejects BJP

It will soon be two months since the results for Assembly elections came out. Most statements made by prominent leaders now seem as mere guesswork as the assembly remains hung and both the frontrunners, PDP and BJP, have not come to J&K’s rescue as yet. According to the statements made by leaders of both these parties after meetings with Governor Vohra, a government was to be in place by 14th of February. Nothing seems to be working in that particular direction till now.

This love affair, if it were to start on Valentine’s day, will be full of sparks and passionate ups and downs. After AAPs monumental victory in New Delhi, PDP has already starting flexing its muscles now to question the issues that BJP wants included in the CMP. It seems as though PDP is looking to appease the vexed populations which have held their stance against a PDP-BJP coalition since the time of the assembly elections.

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