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PDP’s future, her own legacy top in Mehbooba’s mind; party to hold crucial meeting today

Image Courtesy: Kashmir Life
Image Courtesy: Kashmir Life
A crucial meeting of the PDP led by party chief Mehbooba Mufti will decide the political future of Jammu and Kashmir today. Whether Mehbooba continues the legacy of her father and continues the truck with BJP or listens to her heart, and decides to go her independent ways is likely to emerge after the meeting. Though PDP has said that this meeting is meant to discuss organizational matters but political watchers term it as a decisive meeting. Across the state, and the country- the people are waiting with baited breath as to what would be the next move of the new PDP chief.

Of course she has a great burden on her heart caused by her father’s death, and in his absence she has been forced into a political tumult which is not of her liking. Mehbooba clearly was not a supporter of an alliance with BJP but it will now need all courage, and conviction to take a call on the future of the coalition. If she refuses to form the government with BJP she may lose friends at the centre but her core voters, and supporters-majority of whom are based in Kashmir might be relieved because they don’t want to be aligned with BJP-which is seen as a predominantly Hindu party.

Mehbooba no doubt is a clever politician with feet on the ground, and is a mass leader but she lacks the experience of being an administrator, having a strong group of advisors. However, her conduct post the death of her father has sent a strong message that she is more concerned about the future of her party, the legacy of her father, and her own secure role in politics of Kashmir rather than opting for forming government.