Peer in Kashmir going all Ghajini; Writes Taweez on body


Jammu and Kashmir News

Srinagar: A Peer in Valley is probably imitating Aamir Khan’s character from the famous Bollywood movie Ghajini. He has likely been inspired by the character so much that he has taken up scribbling taweez’ on bodies of people who approach him for help.

Instead of writing a Taweez (amulet) on a piece of paper, to those who visit him, he prefers writing it down on their upper torso and back using a permanent whiteboard marker.

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The incident came to prominence when a doctor in Pulwama while examining a young schoolboy found Arabic numerals and strange words written across his body. The patient, who is a school going kid, came to the hospital complaining of back and abdomen pain, where he told the doctor about his meeting with the peer and how he chose to help him. Interestingly, the photos clicked by the doctor found their way on social media and soon went viral.

The peer sahibs are now saving paper for writing taweez (amulet). Also, the boy told the doctor that the peer told him that the he would be cured sooner if the words were written on his body rather than given as a paper amulet.

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