People don’t bother to keep their surroundings clean


By Citizen Journalist: Hunny Sharma
Swachh AbhiyaanJammu: Swacchh Bharat Abhiyaan (Clean India Mission) was initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to fulfill Mahatama Gandhi’s vision of Clean India on October, 2, 2014. This mission has made a huge impact on the people to teach them how cleanliness is important in today’s world. We see a number of advertisements about Swacchh Bharat intending to bring a behavioral change in the society for healthy practices.

Swachh Abhiyaan Swachh Abhiyaan


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But, some people are still seen unaffected and least concerned about cleanliness around their surroundings. They prefer to live in their own life and are not adopting the healthy practices and responsibilities of a clean India by not throwing the waste from their houses in the garbage collection bins installed near their houses by the Jammu Municipal Corporation.



Swachh Abhiyaan

Its sounds strange but it’s true that people lift waste from their houses and carry it to the bins and then do bother to throw the garbage in the bins and leave it spilled outside which also shows that they are adopting very casual approach towards certain responsibilities. Swachh Abhiyaan

The Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC)  is doing its duty to make Jammu city, a neat and clean one. The JMC has installed bins in almost every locality so that the residents of the nearby areas use the bins installed in their areas. It is the mindset of the people which needs to be changed and they should also put their efforts to keep their surroundings clean.