People facing hardships due to prolonged power cuts

By Citizen Journalist: Shiv Kumar

The prolonged power cuts in the Jammu region have affected the normal life during the hot and humid conditions. The maximum and minimum temperature is being recorded above the normal temperature lately and the power curtailments have made living miserable. The Power Development Department authorities are not paying any attention to provide relief to the common man by providing the proper supply of electricity to the consumers who are paying dues regularly.

This is not only limited to rural areas where the consumers are facing a lot of hardships due to the prolonged power cuts but also urban areas where the scheduled as well as unscheduled power cuts are irking the people. The power fluctuation and low voltage is also a problem faced by the people during peak hours of the day and in the night hours due to which the electricity appliances barely work and some are also damaged making their use unsafe.

Promises were made to the people that a proper 24 hours electricity will be provided to the people but after the elections, the people are left unheard. It is requested to the elected representatives, authorities and officials should look into this matter so that peoplecan get relief.


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