‘People must boycott Indian channels’


SRINAGAR | MAY 09: General secretary of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Nahida Nasreen, on Tuesdaysaid that latest ban on the Pakistan-based TV Islamic and news channels is a glaring example of India and its stooges are working hard to implement Hindutva agenda in Jammu and Kashmir.

In a statement issues, she said, ‘In a befitting reply to the ban, she said, the people of Kashmir must boycott all Indian news channels and the leaders and representatives of Kashmir cause mustn’t participate in debates of Indian news media organisations”.

“ First, India and its stooges put a blanket ban on use of social media and now Islamic and Pakistani news channels have been banned. It signifies that India’s sinister motive is that they want to commit a genocide here and the world shouldn’t be able to know about it,” she said.

Nasreen said that since the martyrdom of Burhan Wani (RA), India had to face humiliation worldwide as its oppression and brutalities have been exposed to all. “The Kashmir issue came to international limelight and it led to humiliation of India as its real fascist policies were exposed to all,” she added.

“That is why India wants to crush us all without anyone coming to know about it but, InshaAllah, as has been happening so far, India won’t succeed this time as well,” she added.

She said that every Kashmiri now has understood that this is a war between Islam and Kufr. “The issue of Kashmir has its base in Islam. As far as the concept of two-nation theory is concerned, Kashmir had to be part of Pakistan, but India in nexus with Britain didn’t let it happen and occupied Kashmir illegally,” she said.

Nasreen said that the illegal occupation continues since the last seven decades during which lakhs of innocent people have been killed by the brutal Indian forces. “Thousands have been martyred in the past few years while as a whole generation of youth has been blinded and injured besides caging thousands of people in jails across India,” she added.

“So India wants to crush Kashmiris,  that is why India is being hated by  Kashmiris more than ever. Islam teaches us that the Muslims can be slave to none but Allah SWT and Alhamdullilah , Kashmiri Muslims have understood this and are struggling hard to root out this illegal occupation,” she added.

She said that in such a situation , the Pakistani news channels highlighted the pain of oppressed Kashmiris at world forms and on the other hand, the Islamic channels brought the teachings of Islam to the Muslims of Kashmir. “ As I said that it is the war between Islam and Kufr, so India doesn’t want us to be exposed to the Qur’anic and Islamic teachings and also wants us to be their slaves forever,” she said.

“It is an extreme form of oppression that press freedom is curbed to such a level. How unfortunate is it that in this digital age, Kashmiris are forcibly barred from using the social media platforms,” she added

She said that for months Kashmiris are barred from using mobile phones, internet and now the TV channels. “ Contrary to it, there are Indian channels are showing false reports about Kashmir and try to show opposite of what the real ground situation in Kashmir is,” she added.

She said that recently a racket was exposed where Indian authorities had paid labourers to protest against Pakistan in Srinagar. “ But the Indian media is blaming the pro-resistance people of being paid for resisting against this brutal occupation,” she added.

These channels are being directly controlled by RSS, she said.

She said that if India won’t allow Islamic channels, “I appeal people to boycott India channels under the commandment of shariah and all the leaders and pro-resistance people should desist from taking part in any programme on Indian channels,” she added.

“If our religious channels are being banned why we need these filthy Indian channels. Let’s just put a people’s ban on all these channels. The situation is that soon India and its stooges will ban us from breathing,” she added.

She said that people should not be disappointed by all these sinister Indian tactics.” As the oppression grows, people must remember that its end is near,” she added.

Nasreen further condemned the use of brute force by army and police on students in Daharmuna (Budgam), SP school, Women’s College Srinagar and Pulwama Degree College. “The brutalities of Indian forces continue against the innocent students across Kashmir as hundreds of students are injured and many others have been detained in the past few days,” she added.

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