People of Jammu backs IG Basant Rath appeals DGP to reconsider his warning


People of Jammu today appealed to Jammu Kashmir Police Chief to reconsider his warning to honest and effective police officer Basant Rath whose presence enforce law automatically while his behavior in the public is not against ethics as he belongs to public and has been educating masses to respect the law and keep the fire of pious system alive.

Jammuities said that Basant Rath needs backing and acclamation as his conduct in the public infused awareness of discipline.

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Government of Jammu and Kashmir needs such officers whose friendly behavior will win over the lost faith in system of governance.

J&K needs officers like him for the people, of the people, and by the people is the motto of system which is to be protected at any cost .

The elements of disruption has been active and we need to push them out of society.

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