People of Jammu shocked by some aggressive members of Gujjar community, Samba residents protest against police inaction

Clash in Sarore between Gujjars and Police (3)The people of Jammu province, and particularly those living in Kandi areas such as Samba, and Kathua are worried over the extremely aggressive manner in which the Gujjar community is encroaching upon pulic, state, and in some cases private land. This has happened continuously in the last one decade,which has led to multiple clashes with the locals, and police. What is surprising is that in a number of cases the Gujjars have unleashed violence but managed to get the upper hand becauseo f support from politicians who have vested interests, and even locals have been killed but no harm came to the criminals ostensibly because they are fulfilling some agenda.

In the latest case, people of Samba under the banner of Mahasabha, Samba blocked the Jammu-Pathankot national highway demanding the arrest of accused involved in the murder of forest guard Kamal Singh. He was killed in Kharah Madana area allegedly by some members of the Gujjar community while he was performing his duty-which is to safeguard the forests. Similarly, the protesters also wanted strict action against Gujjars who were involved in attacking a police party in Sarore which had gone to remove an encroachment of public land.

A leader of the protesters alleged that the anti-social elements from the Gujjar community were out of the control of police, and district administration had failed to keep curbs on them. The police party was attacked by miscreants from the community, and they snatched rifles of policemen in Sarore but no action has been taken, he alleged. The protesters also warned that if compensation was not given to the family of victim Kamal Singh, and action not taken against culprit they will intensify the agitation.

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