People suffering due to power cuts in their areas



By Citizen Journalist: Deepak Kumar

Jammu: The people of Jammu city are suffering due to the unscheduled power curtailments in their areas. The temperature of the city is increasing day by day while there is no respite to the people from the scorching heat.

The scheduled as well as unscheduled power cuts are adding miseries to the common man. It seems that the Power Development Department are least bothered or concerned about the sufferings of the common man who pays the power tariffs regularly to the department.

The power cuts in the posh urban areas of winter capital are around 5-6 hours a day, what to talk of the people who are living in the rural areas. Especially during the peak hours in the noon when the temperature of the day is very high, is when the people are made to suffer hardships by the power cuts . Even in the night hours, the power cuts are adding woes to the common man. When there is no powercut, the supply power voltage is massively low and barely any electrical appliance can work. Some have also complained of the damage caused due to the rapid fluctuation.This power curtailment has affected every one especially the patients, old people, studying children.  The Department should look into this matter seriously and immediately, so that the miseries of the people should be addressed.

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