People using land of Kashmiri Pandits as dustbins


Citizen Journalist Report by Sajad Ahmed lone

Solid waste including plastic, polythene, is being thrown into the orchards of Kashmiri Pandits (KPs) as common practice. After the exile of KPs, huge damage was done to their property by unknown people. On the one hand, extensive damage done to the massive property of KPs which includes orchards, trees, houses etc.

After 2000, when normalcy started setting back in the valley, KPs started travelling to Kashmir once a year. However, this was not the best way to take care of their properties in Kashmir. It was necessary still to take care and thus the help of local people was sought to avoid further damage to the property.
Many of the exiled Pandits entered into agreement with the locals to take care of their property and in return wages were given or the locals were partners in profits from these properties.
Some Pandits have not been able to visit the valley even once after their migration and now their land is used as dustbins.
All kind of garbage is thrown into their fields. Mountains of plastic and waste pollution is found in these deserted land pieces which is not only a threat to the property of the Kashmiri Pandits but is also a serious threat to environment.
An example of this is an apple orchard of Kashmiri Pandit Poshkar Nath in the village of Kralgund of District Kupwara. This Orchard has more than 100 apple trees which provide more than 500 apple boxes per year but is treated as a dustbin.

In another village of District Kupwara, land grabbers are digging the land of an orchard which has led to soil erosion in the land.


Poshkar Nath who was once a resident of the village said, “This is done since a long duration that garbage is thrown into our land. We have complained to Sarpanch & other authorities but all we get is a deaf ear to our pleas.”
The Sarpanch of the area, Bashir Ah Mir upon contact said, “I don’t know anything about this, but I will look into the matter and shall contact the concerned authority to stop such activities.”

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