People welcome termination of doctors for dereliction of duty

IMG_4080In a major decision which will send a strong message to inefficient and irresponsible government employees, the state government has decided to terminate the services of over 100 doctors, who were perennial absentees. Such a decision has come for the first time in the history of Jammu and Kashmir as government after government has avoided to take action against these medicos as they are highly connected, and are influential having great say in the corridors of political power.

It is because of the current Governor’s rule that a decision against those involved in serious dereliction of duty has been taken under Rule clause (b) of Rule 21 (1) of J&K, Civil Services (Classification, Control & Appeal) Rules, 1956 and under the provisions of Article 128 of CSR Vol-I. This action by the government comes after repeated complaints of absent doctors coming from government hospitals, and public health centres across the state particularly rural areas. These complaints also came when politicians were ruling the state but they preferred not to take action against these connected medicos.

The people in the state however have expressed satisfaction over the action against the doctors but they want the government to expand its ambit, and punish dereliction of duty in each and every sphere of governance. Be it government schools, offices, hospitals, and other institutions particularly, power, water, and other department there is need to fix accountability, and responsibility. A lot of money is spent on training doctors, engineers and other officials and those getting free education, and training must act responsibly and must be ready to give it back to society if they want to avail free facilities at the cost of tax payer.

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