Periods? Sssssshhhhhh!


Menstrual cleanliness is a standout amongst the most significant, yet disregarded medical problems in the developing countries. In India, around 70% of every single regenerative malady are brought about by poor menstrual cleanliness. A UNICEF study uncovered that 10% of Indian ladies trust that monthly cycle is an ailment. Constrained access to data, just as social taboos and social marks of disgrace appended to feminine cycle negatively affect the lives and well-being of a huge number of young ladies.

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It is a forbidden subject, encompassed by quiet and disgrace, that likewise confines ladies’ entrance to typical exercises and administrations. Numerous young ladies and ladies miss school and work each month since they don’t have access to sanitary napkins. They don’t even mention that they have menstrual cycles because they consider it as a major embarrassment .

Due to unawareness, higher cost, lesser means, these women a piece of cloth and even sand to absorb the menstrual flow. The result is they become vulnerable to diseases and live with poor hygiene throughout. It is important to end the shame factor that is attached with menstruation because it is the first step towards ending the misconceptions attached with it. Also, the link that is established between menstruation and various religious practices and beliefs, should be relooked into.

Without these basic steps at a smaller scale, it would be difficult to see any difference at a larger scale.