Perpetual water leakage, endless filth- Why have the authorities turned a blind eye towards their responsibilities?


By Citizen Journalist Sidhaansh Gupta

With the current government not meeting the demands of the state people, Jammu and Kashmir is heading for a major water crisis.The residents as well as the concerned authorities are equally responsible for such sufferings. For instance, the pictures below prove how we care so much about complaining and so less about our own share of responsibilities. The water pipe is a perpetual leakage point in Sector 4 of Trikuta Nagar. Under the bridge, the water runs continuously from the broken pipeline and the neglected part of the area automatically becomes a dumping ground for the locals. This part of the colony is loaded with filth and emanates such foul stink that even passing by that bridge becomes possible. It is a constant source of trouble for the locals as well as the regular commuters. The water pipe along this road constantly leaks throughout the day and there hasn’t been any provision from the side of Municipality to stop it. The condition worsens when the locals treat the area as merely a dumping ground. This also results in a dirty pool of water near the bridge which disrupts the hygiene of the area as well.  “We can’t even cross that bridge, it smells so foul,” told a resident Sanjay Rajput. “Constant appeals to the concerned authorities have fetched nothing so far,” complained another. Several litres of water has gone waste due to the leakage and the department has still not considered the responsibility of mending the broken pipe.

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