Pet Grooming Mania Catches up in Jammu: Here are 7 Trends you must Pamper your Pets with

Our pooch is the heart of the house, a guard so strong, a love so loving, a loyal friend and most of all our stress-buster. They desire care for the love they shower on us. Like we love to look good they also feel happy when they get groomed. So, here are some quirky pet trends you must not miss to make them feel loved and good about themselves.

  • Oiling
  • The treatment is done if the dogs has dandruff or any hair problems. The process really helps.

    1. Body Clipping

    It is the cutting of hair in different designs. It is not only a style but also a treatment if the dog has any skin infection. Instead of shaving the hair off stylish designs are made through the process that make them look stylish.

  • A proper Bath
  • The dog gets proper bath it’s not a regular bath which we give the dog at our homes. It’s done with different techniques and ways. The private parts are cleaned properly making the dog to go fresh and feel good.

    1. Scissor cutting

    For the breeds which have long hair scissor cutting is done to make them look clean.

    1. Nail trimming

    Proper Nail trimming is also done to make the pet look hygienic and clean.

    Their hygiene and grooming is so important that even vets ask to get them treated from saloons.

    Your pets are not merely status symbols they need care too!

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