Pet Owners, read this to know how you are failing as Humans!


There has been a recent increase in the number of pet-lover community. A lot of people have started getting concerned about the animals. This is a really positive development in a society where still some people treat animals ruthlessly. Owning pets and providing all the care and love for them is the best thing one can do in their life. But there is another side to owning pets which all the pet owners must pay attention to.

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While there are some animal lovers who don’t mind touching and getting touched by the animals, there are some other persons (may also be an animal lover) who do not like getting touched or touching the pets. There are some people who fear animals especially pet dogs and cats. Pet dogs and cats can be a potential threat for them if they are not well trained. They may bite and cause an injury.

It is noticed a lot of time that some pet owners fail to understand the fear of a person. They force the person to touch their pet stating, “isme darne wala kya hai? he will play with you”. Even if it is requested to tie the pet for some time, it is refused. Isn’t it equally insensitive to not consider the fears and emotions of a human like the ones who mistreat animals?

There have been instances where pet dogs have bitten their owners! In such a scenario, isn’t it justified for a human to take preventive measures to save himself from any such attack? Why risk? Also, if the pet owners want to remain insensitive to the ones who are afraid, please refrain from calling them at your places.

It is not necessary that everyone must be comfortable with untied animals around them. They may not necessarily be animal haters. They may be animal lovers because, for love, touching is not the only measure. The person may have love for the animal but he may also have love for his own safety.

Try to understand. Imposing your thoughts is never a good idea!