Petition signed to cancel JKSSB 25 Dec Exam


December 29: The 25 December exam for graduate level posts conducted by JKSSB became a symbol for misconduct and was deeply mired into controversy. An aspirant from Shopian, Aaqib Banday, has petitioned to the Hon’ble Education Minister, J&K, Naeem Akhtar and Hon’ble Chairperson Jammu and Kashmir Services selection Board. Mrs. Dev Lata to cancel the exam.

Here is the link to sign the petition if you want the exam to be cancelled as well

Application seeking cancellation of JKSSB exam held on 25th of December, for various posts.

Here is the full text of the Petition which is being supported across social media



Honorable Minister,

Department of Education,

Government of Jammu and Kashmir.


Hon’ble Chairperson,


Subject: Application seeking cancellation of JKSSB exam held on 25th of December, for various posts.

Dear Dignitaries,

With great regards, we the ‘want-to-be government employees’ wish and hope that you are in good health. Since the day Naeem Sahab you were elected as the Minister of Education, you have been doing everything possible to get the system back on tracks and are working hard to set everything right. We are over-whelmed by the pace by which the JKSSB has started to work and dole the government posts. We also deeply praise the efforts of Mrs Dev Lata Sahiba, for the pace with which JKSSB has started to commence the examinations for the long-pending posts, even from 2011. But that is not enough! Every competition needs to be fair enough to let the deserving persons achieve what they deserve, which seems to be a contrary principle in our state of Jammu and Kashmir. It, surely, is not hard for you to grasp what we mean. You already are aware of a few instances where the competitive examination held by JKSSB on 25th of December turned out to be just a mockery of the term ‘fair examination’. We assure you, those were just a few instances that came to lime-light, and there are many more which were not reported. I personally had appeared in the said examination and my center was at Degree College Pulwama where such instances also took place. Many of my friends also reported the same. At some of the centers, even 3 candidates were sitting on the same table, and just imagine and dare to question the quality and fairness of the said examination. This petition is not out of my personal vendetta for the reason that I was not able to do well in the examination and now want a re-examination for my own benefits. No! Not at all. If you want, then you can bar me from sitting in the re-examination. Here is my application number 1505169026553.

We appreciate your swift actions against the instances of mass copying in Jammu but that is not enough. The mass copying was not limited to the Jammu division, not even to just two centers of Jammu division; people were playing with the careers of thousands of applicants throughout the valley. At some instances, the invigilators were not able to stop the troublemakers due to their influence in their respective home towns. The invigilators were afraid of aftermath consequences, if they dared to stop such acts done by the pests. Keeping the above mentioned facts in mind, we request your good self to please take a note and cancel the examination that was held on 25th of the December, 2015; at least for upholding the sanctity of the holy institutions of the state.

With regards

JKSSB applicants