Petrol pump penalized for short-delivery


SRINAGAR, MAY 06: The field executives of Legal Metrology department in a surprise inspection booked a petrol pump for indulging in short-delivery. The Legal Metrology officer found that the dispensing unit was issuing 80ml short in every 5litre measure. The Deputy controller slapped a fine of Rs 10,000/= on spot for the lapse. Under Legal Metrology laws/Oil companies Marketing Guidelines, the user of the dispensing pump has to check the delivery of the fuel every day before putting the dispensing unit to use.

In case of short/excess delivery, the Legal Metrology officer is to be informed to rectify the error. Moreover, the fuel station has to keep a 5 litre conical measure available at the premises so that the consumer may himself satisfy the correct delivery of the pump. A nominal quantity upto 25ml is permissible error under Legal Metrology laws at the time of inspection in 5 litre delivery. The petrol pump stations have to keep free air facility, toilet facility and kits for testing adulteration of HSD/MS(Diesel and Petrol) available at the pump.

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