Petrol pumps being closed forcibly by protesters. Is this harassment justified?


Pictures by Citizen Journalist Rahul

Amid the ongoing rage against the government for not sanctioning a separate AIIMS for Jammu, the supporting organisations have intensified the protest. The protesters are actively carrying out the agitation throughout the city and angry mobs can be seen forcibly shutting down shops and offices. The picture attached here shows a group of protesters forcibly shutting down a petrol pump in the Jammu city.

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Public transport is inactive, markets are completely closed, the region is observing a complete shutdown and the public is being harassed in the name of support for the cause. Petrol pumps, shops and offices are being forcibly closed by the raging mobs everywhere in the city.

With the government not taking any action on sanctioning of AIIMS to Jammu, the Coordination committee and related organisations have warned that if justice is not granted to Jammu, the protest will be intensified and the agitation will be expressed more vehemently.