PHE Department at its best


Citizen Journalist Report by Nisha Sharma

Shiv Nagar/ PHE Shiv Nagar/ PHE

U4UVoice received these pictures from a resident of Shiv Nagar, Jammu where a burst pipe has been leaking water. The leakage shows the working efficiency, atleast in the repair department by the Public Health and Engineering Department (PHE).

The department has failed to maintain pipes supplying drinking water in various parts of the city which leads to water loss and nobody is taken accountable for the loss.


Residents of the area are of the view that the water distribution pipes which supply water to the city are in a badly rusted state thus allowing rain and sewerage water seep into them which is a cause of worry to the general health of people.

Even after several complaints the department seems to have no plan to prevent the water loss. They do register the complaint but conveniently ignores the problem. PHE has almost neglected repairing and replacing worn out pipelines waiting for them burst any moment, spilling water on the department’s ambitious plans. Take a look:

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