Physically Challenged SKIMS Doctor Receives Gandhi Scholarship Award

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Dr Tufail Muzaffar,a  Senior Resident in Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) at SKIMS has been awarded Gandhi Scholarship Award of Rs 10,000 along with a merit certificate at a conference held by Indian Federation of Neuro-Rehabilitation (IFNR) in Mumbai today.

To say that Dr. Tufail is ‘physically’ challenged but he has indeed proved that any physical disability can not come in one’s way to realize their goals.

Dr Tufail expressed his gratitude towards Director SKIMS Dr S.A. Zargar for the encouragement to the research by young scholars of the institute. Dr.Tufail was permitted by Director SKIMS to travel to Kessler Research Foundation NJ, USA to learn Neurocognitive rehabilitation for post stroke patients with hemineglect.

IFNR is an organisation that promulgates Neurorehabilitation in India and works in association with World Federation of Neuro-Rehabiliation (WFNR). This conference was chaired by President of WFNR Dr. Barbra Wilson and other international faculties from across the world.


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