Pics of Kashmir students punished as ‘Murga’ goes viral on the net


punishment2 kashmirThe pictures which depict the state of our schooling show students being forced to become ‘Murga’ in a government school in Kashmir, and these have become viral on the net. These pictures are from Boys Higher Secondary, Beerwah in Central Kashmir’s Budgam district. The boys of this school were subjected to this punishment for reaching school late.

There was a long queue of students in a bending over ‘Murga’ position presided over by two teachers. These pictures evoked many reactions from the netizens.

“This is one of the worst forms of punishment which can break the back of a student,” writes Sara Jahan while reminiscing her school days.
These students as per sources were kept in the same position for long – which is nothing but inhuman.

Demanding an action to be taken against the teacher, the people say: “This is no way to behave with students. They could have removed them from classroom for the whole day but punishing a whole lot like this is terrible,” Javed Ahmad says.


As per the parent of one of the boy who was punished, teachers behave badly with the students. “According to my son he seldom gets normal treatment from his teachers. Sometimes because of traffic snarls children reach late, which a teacher should understand, but here they behave immaturely,” he says.

The same situation is prevalent in other schools of the state as well – be it government or private.

“Teachers at private school have a sophisticated way of punishing a pupil while the government school teachers still resort to traditional ways of punishing. However situation is somewhat congruous at many places,” says Masooda, a parent and a government employee.

There are people who hold parents responsible for this condition. “If parent knows that his or her ward is meted out with harsh treatment s/he should take matter to higher ups but never to watch the whole scene like a silent spectator.” But parents have their own reason to shun this out.

Fearing to put their child’s future at risk parents never raise a voice against the authorities.

“My child was once beaten by teacher and when I went to seek an explanation from her she threatened me to rusticate my son fearing which I kept mum and went off,” says Mushtaq Ahmad, a parent. These pictures of facebook received wide spread condemnation but the matter hasn’t reached out to the Director School Education, Mir Tariq Ali.

Expressing his ignorance about this matter he says: “Though I am unaware of this matter but I will take action if required.”


By Lubna Reshi