Pilot wanted to fly only with a particular female co-pilot; delays flight by 2-hours

Image Courtesy- Online Media Sources

New Delhi, April 07: Be it the delay in the scheduled timings of the flight or the lousy behaviour of its flight attendents with its passengers, Air India has always remained a part of controversies. Once again, this national airlines has formed news headlines courtesy, the Sarkari attitude of staff which has now punched a hole through the fabric of its basic work ethics.

As per news in a national daily, this time the flight was delayed for more than two hours because the  commander wanted a “particular woman” as a co-pilot.

This bizarre incident happened on Wednesday at Air India’s flight to Male from Chennai via Thiruvananthapuram. The pilot of the flight insisted roster section on Tuesday to schedule the woman flight officer along with him on flight AI 263/264 for Wednesday. He refused to fly and threaten to report sick when the roster section told him that the woman was already scheduled for a Delhi flight.

When his demand wasn’t met, he reported sick on Tuesday. But then on Wednesday morning, he turned up to operate the flight but only if his demand for the same co-pilot is met.

There were a total of 110 passengers aboard the flight and all of them were forced to sit on the plane for two and half hours until the desired female co-pilot came. The scheduled time of flight was 7 am and it departed at 9.13 am.

It is interesting to know here that the commander had quit Air India last week only and is serving a six-month notice period.

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