Pink-white or blue-grey? Internet divided over the colour of the shoe [PHOTO]


Remember the blue-black or white-gold dress (#dressgate) that went viral on social media over the confusion of the colour? Now, a shoe has divided the internet once again over its actual colour.

Facebook user Nicole Coulthard posted a photo of a shoe on the social media platform and asked the colour of the shoe. This divided the internet, with some claiming that the shoe is grey and turquoise blue, while several others commenting that it is pink and white.

Coulthard shared the photo in the Facebook group Girlsmouth with more than 98,000 members. “Ok girls so my friend has just sent me this asking what colour the shoe is, I would say pale pink and white, but she insists its pale blue and grey [sic],” Coulthard asked the group.

The photo instantly became a sensation with more than 1,000 comments in just a day. Several users commented saying it was pink and white, some said it was turquoise blue and grey, while others could not make up their mind.


“I swear I looked at this while I was out it and it was grey and turquoise. I’ve just got home and come on Facebook and its not pink and white. Whaaaat the hell, [sic]” one user commented.

“I see both,” another said. “Me and my friends are fighting over this, she keeps saying grey and green but it’s pink and white.”

Coulthard told Metro that her friend bought the shoes a few weeks ago and sent the photo to her mother, who replied saying that “blue suited her.”

“She texted back saying they are pink mum, but when she looked at the pic she saw blue too,” Coulthard said. “She sent it to me and I was convinced they are pink, we had a big argument as she said I only said pink because I knew she had bought pink shoes so that’s why I decided to put it up on girlsmouth.”

This debate will certainly remind several internet users about the dress that became a sensation in 2015. Many social media users said the colour of the dress was black and blue, while several other said white and gold.