Pizza most preferred food while watching cricket: Survey



Mumbai: If there are two things you had to pick that Indians were most passionate about, they would most definitely be food and cricket, says a survey.

According to a Food Premier League survey, conducted by daily deals website Groupon India, pizza is the most preferred food item while watching a cricket match.

“Ours is a nation that’s so passionate about cricket; it’s almost like a religion. The other thing we’re all as passionate about is food. We decided to conduct a fun survey to discover the eating preferences and habits of our consumers from different parts of the country coinciding with the ongoing Indian Premier League season, and have uncovered some really interesting facts,” Ankur Warikoo, CEO Groupon India, said in a statement.

The survey revealed that the majority of the fans are glued to their screens and prefer to order food (48 percent) rather than cooking their meal or stepping out for dinner or lunch.

Pizza was voted as the most preferred meal while watching a match, beating other popular items like burgers and pastas, as well as a full course meal and finger food.

Indians live up to their superb bargaining skills.

As many as 63 percent of the overall respondents always check the web for discounts while ordering food and drinks to enjoy a value-for-money Indian Premier League match.

Bangalore (36 percent), Hyderabad (37 percent) and Chennai (30 percent) emerged as big spenders, with the majority shelling out between Rs.300 and Rs.500 for food and drinks while watching a match.

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