Play For Cause: A grand musical concert to be held in Gurgaon for J&K


aaaFor the flood-affected people of J&K, Gurgaon is hosting a musical concert  with the biggest names in the capital who will come together to perform at a charity concert to raise funds for Jammu and Kashmir flood relief. Scheduled for this wednesday, September 24th this concert will be held in a brewery here. The event is already gathering much attention from music fans all over the city as the eminent music bands like Indian Ocean, Hari and Sukhmani, Sushmit Sen Chronicles, Advaita, Them clones, Parikrama and Faridkot among many other local bands will be coming together for this grand event which will be hosted by stand-up comedian Papa CJ.

“Gurgaon is the perfect place for an event like this because it has these great venues that can host both the performers with their facilities and the audience without space constraints. They have the infrastructure for an event like this. Even though it’s a weekday, we’re sure that we’ll get a good number of supporters who will contribute to the cause. The kind of appreciative audience we get here is amazing. Last year, we had done an event for Uttarakhand flood victims. The event was at 6:30 pm and people started lining up at 6! That can happen only in Gurgaon and we;re hoping for a similar turnout this time as well.” told Subir Malik from Parikrama about the choice of venue as Gurgaon. Many eminent music personalities like Vishal Dadlani and Farhan Akhtar have also gave this event an online buzz. Amit Kilam from Indian Ocean adds,”We were looking to contribute to the cause in some way and were in talks with other people also to perform and contribute. So, when Subir called, we said yes in an instant. That’s all it took. We’re looking forwards to perform at this event.”
As per Subir Malik the entire event has been planned in three days and all the musicians agreed to come forward for the cause with many of them having a personal connection to the cause. It is not a mere performance but an important cause. He further said, “Musicians are even willing to go to Kashmir because what is important right now is the mental rehabilitation of the people over there, and we’ll try to use music to help them get back to their normal lives.” The concert has already pledged Rs. 5,00,000 for the J&K relief programme and it will add to that amount with 50% of the gate money collected that night. “We are also asking bands to get something which can be auctioned during the concert”,says Subir. “All the proceeds from that sale will also go towards the relief fund”.

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