Please send me your suggestions: Modi


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address on AIR Friday urged people to write to him about inspiring incidents which he said he will share during his regular Man ki Baat sessions on radio.

“I have received interesting suggestions from people… This country is for everyone, it is important to connect with the people… Someone suggested that there should be emphasis on cottage industries, someone else suggested that there should be exams from Class 5 onwards…,” the prime minister said.

“I urge people to send me real inspiring incidents with proof. I will share them with the country…,” he said.

He said if each citizen walks one step then together they could walk 1.25 billion steps to take the country forward to progress and prosperity.

“This is my first beginning. I shall keep sharing my thoughts in this manner with you people… The thoughts that came to me, I shared with you,” the prime minister said.

“If anyone of you wants to share with me their thoughts about the country and suggestions, please do share,” Modi said.

“I really enjoyed talking to you,” he said.

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