PM Modi addresses convocation; talks about the values of family


Katra, April 19: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an emotional address to the students of SMVD University emphasized on the struggles of family that fight every odd in life and ultimately lead to the fruition of the education of a child. Here is the full text of his address:

After addressing the dignitaries and professors, the Prime Minister focused his attention towards the students present at the convocation amid loud applause.

“This is an important occasion in your life and in a way, if you begin from kindergarten, for almost 25 years of life it is constant training and sacrifice, this is the fruit. I believe that you believe too that you have completed a milestone in life. Till now you have been helped to reach this destination and now you have to take yourself to a (higher) point.”

He added, “This is possible only when you have clarity on what you would be taking from here. You need to know clearly about the treasure that (only) you have which shall help you life. Those who have filled their coffers with this treasure, they will be able to use it at different points in life.”

“Most youth are asked, “What are your plans ahead?” to which they reply let me finish education first. Most such youth with only this thought process grapple with a question – Education is over, Now What?”

“But those who know the answer to ‘Now What’, they move ahead in life and do not need anyone’s help.”

“When a child is born, there is no end to the happiness of the parents. But when a child achieves success in life, the parents experience boundless happiness.”

“You can realise that because to your parents, your success means much more happiness than your birth and this is why your responsibility increases manifold. Your parents dream many dreams and make many sacrifices so that your life is made. At some point you would have needed something and it would require a money order or a bank transfer. Even if it gets delayed by two days, you would have been troubled to no end thinking why have your parents delayed the money.”

“Even the parents think, the money should have reached in time and we will make arrangements to send money in time the next time. We would save money so that the children can get it in time.”

“Most times we do not remember these sacrifices. We remember worthless things and forget the important ones.”

“The seeds of dreams of your parents for your careers would have been sown into you at a young age. You may have had difficulty clearing class 10 exams but those dreams of your parents would not have allowed you to sleep. If nothing else worked, you have atleast managed to reach here (University). For those who think that they wanted to achieve something else in life but could not, life becomes difficult and that is why I request those of you to understand that what you have received here, use that as your skill and take on life and you would be successful.”

“Any blockades in life should not become reason for misery but should become inspiration for educating yourself. These blockades should become reason to learn and if you learn then you can take on the bigger, real challenges of life.”

“Life has changed today and if you have courage you can achieve any success in life. Life is not a tunnel like in the old days where you had to live with the end that you reached. This is the courage you need.”

“Many students in the country study in various universities across India. Are you among the crores of those students? Are you also a student of hundreds of such universities? I believe you are not among the students of hundreds of those universities. You are different! There are many universities in India whichc run on the money of the taxpayers, government funds, fees of parents but this is the lone university which alongwith everything else, is in the feet of Mata Vaishno Devi.”