PM Modi addresses convocation; talks about the values of family

Katra, April 19: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an emotional address to the students of SMVD University emphasized on the struggles of family that fight every odd in life and ultimately lead to the fruition of the education of a child. Here is the full text of his address:

After addressing the dignitaries and professors, the Prime Minister focused his attention towards the students present at the convocation amid loud applause.

“This is an important occasion in your life and in a way, if you begin from kindergarten, for almost 25 years of life it is constant training and sacrifice, this is the fruit. I believe that you believe too that you have completed a milestone in life. Till now you have been helped to reach this destination and now you have to take yourself to a (higher) point.”

He added, “This is possible only when you have clarity on what you would be taking from here. You need to know clearly about the treasure that (only) you have which shall help you life. Those who have filled their coffers with this treasure, they will be able to use it at different points in life.”

“Most youth are asked, “What are your plans ahead?” to which they reply let me finish education first. Most such youth with only this thought process grapple with a question – Education is over, Now What?”

“But those who know the answer to ‘Now What’, they move ahead in life and do not need anyone’s help.”

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