After Kashmir, Jammu waiting for special relief package from PM Modi

PM Modi with Army Jawans at Siachin (2)The decision by PM Narendra Modi to spend the Diwali in Kashmir has enthused the flood affected people, and also boosted the morale of Indian army jawans in Siachen. This is the fourth visit of Modi in the flood ravaged, and terror infested state which proves the fact that he is committed to help Jammu and Kashmir, and also to bring peace, and prosperity to the state. Modi’s strong desire to resolve the Kashmir imbroglio is the reason that he has engaged with the local population of Kashmir, politicians, and traders of all hues who suffered in the recent floods. His repeated visits are meant to ensure that people of the state are brought back into the national mainstream, and the feeling alienation is brought to an end. The moves by Modi, and the steps taken by the BJP government have been appreciated by one and all except the separatists who are not  moved by anything but their separatist agenda. 

Modi has announced a massive relief package for the flood victims in Kashmir, to rebuild the infrastructure, and the hospitals which were ravaged by the Jehlum waters. The entire country cutting across party lines has supported the initiatives of the Prime Minister who has focussed on rebuilding the bridges between Kashmir and India. However while the moves have been termed as great there is also need to include Jammu and Ladakh in this discourse, and particularly those who suffered in floods and during recent firing on Jammu border also be given an equal treatment by both state, and centre governments. A large number of people were killed, property damaged, and infrastructure was washed away in this region as well.  The damage and loss to life occurred more in hilly areas of Poonch, Rajouri, Reasi, and in plains of Jammu has been substantial but the focus has shifted to Kashmir. The lack of political and media focus on Jammu has also led to the perception that this flood was only about Kashmir. The central government led by PM Modi needs to take into account the sendltiment and perception of people in Jammu region as it has suffered badly. No only this Jammu province voted en BJP, and once can expect an encore in the coming state elections. While the central government may help the Kashmiris but it should also ensure that those in Jammu, and it’s hilly region do not feel discriminated against as this has been happening in the past. The people of state have suffered badly because of this discrimination, and there is strong resentment against Kashmir based partie balm s and leaders including the Congress and PDP.

In such a situation, BJP could do well to harness the anger of the people against an unresponsive state government and administration, which will help it in winning more seats in the state. While Jammu is likely to vote for BJP, the number would greatly increase if PM Modi adds Jammu, and adjoining areas in his travel itenarary apart from announcing a special relief package for this region to apply balm which is going to result in rich political rewards for the BJP.