Police and Locals are still threatening us; allege Non-Kashmiri

Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu, Apr 5: The National Institute of Technology (NIT) yesterday reopened after three days following a clash between Kashmiri and non-Kashmiri students when some Kashmiri students celebrated India’s defeat in the World Twenty20 semi-finalĀ on Thursday.

One of the students on a social site uploaded that the present condition in NIT Srinagar is worsening. After three days of negligence by the authority, the students decided to hold a silent protest and drafted a list of five basic demands which they have decided to present only to the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) officials.

To recall what happened that the things took an ugly turn was when in reaction to the celebrations by Kashmiri students following India’s defeat, some non-Kashmiri students waved the tricolour on campus. Some pro-separatist youth tried to intervene and clashed with pro-Indian non-Kashmiri students, who also retaliated.

A non Kashmiri student alleged the Kashmiri students misbehaved with the non-Kashmiri students and raised “pro-Pakistan, pro-azadi and anti-India” slogans.

The students also wrote on their social sites, the Director of the college, Rajat Gupta and concerned SSP Amit Kumar, are propagating false news in the local media and to the Central ministry that things are under control while the situation is different.

Because of this, the students want the national media to arrive in the campus and interact with the non local students, so that the true picture come to fore instead of a doctored picture.

They even have alleged local police of favouring local students and said when non Kashmiri students were going for a silent ‘sit- in’ protest, the police thrashed some non local students and also seized their mobile phones fearing some have recorded their action.

They also alleged that they (police and local students) are threatening them to lodge FIR against them and also hurling abuses and obscenities.


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