“Police forced me to record incorrect statement”


Jammu, December 16: In another shocking revelation regarding the Akhnoor Sex Scandal, the victim girl has disclosed that the police had forced her to record an incorrect statement in the court.

According to the victim minor girl, there is a list of significant people of the state who were involved in this sensational Akhnoor sex-scandal but the police forced her to not name them in the court while they alleged kidnapping charges on the man who helped her in reality.

While criticizing police for coercing her, the victim girl lamented that the people involved in her sexual assault were either some close aides of politicos or high profile traders but the police threatened her not to disclose their names in the court during recording of her statement.


As a matter of fact, one of the accused person who had managed to flee before arrest came to the police station and has met police officers.

“I was already being harassed for two long years but after bringing me back from Pathankot, the police did not send me home and locked me in the jail as if I am some criminal. I wasn’t even allowed to meet or talk to anybody,” the girl pleaded.

The girl added that she wanted to go home and live with her family but the police officers threatened her and forced her to tell the court that she wanted to live in the Neha Ghar.

“A man named Gulshan Kumar had helped me in running from that plague but instead the police projected him as a kidnapper and threatened me to give statement against him which I never wanted to do,” the girl said.