Police highhandedness close petrol pump in Kishtwar


Kishtwar: The police highhandedness in Kishtwar district has incurred huge loss to a filling station in the town as the police are not allowing any customer to enter Malik filling station situated near Chowgan, Kishtwar.

The police have to pay over Rs 18 lakh to the owner of the filling station and when the owner demanded the money, the police in return refused to pay the entire amount and stopped the working of the filling station.

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Sources said for the past four days, the police have deployed special operation group (SOG) members outside the filling station who are not allowing the customers to enter the station to fill their vehicles.

“On September 8, the SOG members came and installed barbed wires outside the filling station saying they had input of a terror attack on the police establishment near the petrol pump. People also became worried that it might be true as during the last one year there were two terror incidents in Kishtwar town,” said a source.