Police officers punishes, humiliates bikers

Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu, Mar 3: A Rowdy Police officer adopted an inhumane way of punishing the trafffic violators by giving corporal punishment to them in full public view.The SDPO Akhnoor had raised a naka at Khugga Morh which was falling under the jurisdiction of Akhnoor Police Station.

On Tuesday a Dabang Deputy Superintended of Police (DySP) and intercepted many bikers along with their pillon rider at Khugga Morh.

The DySP, according to the witnesses, first slapped the person who was driving the motercycle and ordered him to bend down on his knees on full public view while pillion rider Amit Sangotra who had taken the lift from the motorcyclist resisted doing that, saying he had recently met with an accident owing to which he cannot bend. After this the DySP asked his PSOs to slap Amit and told him to stand towards facing the wall,” witnesses added.

Amit Sangotra did informed the ‘rowdy’ DySP that he is suffering from systolic murmur but the DySP again slapped him following which he became unconscious. Later, he was shifted to Sub District Hospital (SDH) Akhnoor for treatment, according to the sources.

Anil is still suspecious about the fact that why the DySP took such an action againt him and his fellow rider and is seeking answer from the higher authority.
The Director General of Police (DGP) said that he would look into the matter and if anybody found is guilty he will be punished, according to the placed sources.


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