Police-Public-Mela in Srinagar: Vijaya Rajendra thanks people for participation, Raffle draw held results announced

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SRINAGAR, SEPTEMBER 20: Results of 1211 Raffle Draw Prizes of 26thPolice Public Mela were announced at Bakshi Stadium here this evening. The draw was held in presence of large gathering of men, women and children.

Small children drawn from the gathering picked the lucky numbers for prizes of different categories in presence of senior police officers, Chairperson, JKPWWA, Mrs. K. Vijaya Rajendra and lady members of Police Parivar.

The Bumper prize (Car MOBILIO Honda) was won by raffle draw ticket number (Series A-35316).­­­

The first prize (10 Cars AMAZE Honda) were won by ticket numbers A-73829, B-55741, C-91932, D-64953, E-41365, F-14627. G-07350, H-11941, I-62383 and J-82380.

2nd prize (10 Cars FIGO Ford) were bagged by ticket numbers A-33689, B-38724, C-64073, D-48812, E-28014, F-45073. G-13091, H-37790, I-47662 and J-34281.

The 3rd prize (10 Cars EON Hyundai) were won by ticket numbers A-58342, B-75821, C-41400, D-12692, E-23536, F-07488. G-54614, H-13778, I-77963 and J-85018.

4th prize (10 Motor Cycles DREAN NEO Honda) won by A-35868, B-61661, C-64252, D-98536, E-17781, F-90564. G-67786, H-44154, I-36002 and J-91303.

5th prize (10 Scooties ACTIVA Honda) went to ticket numbers A-88523, B-08280, C-66867, D-44141, E-23745, F-57023. G-63865, H-45010, I-35332 and J-82923.

The 6th prize (10 LED 32”) goes to ticket number

A-34626, B-61581, C-22835, D-48502, E-71301, F-51390. G-55713, H-93424, I-75503 and J-10041.

The 7th prize (10 Laptops) goes to ticket numbers

A-70892, B-05015, C-48657, D-90065, E-66309, F-63099. G-38665, H-55698, I-22510 and J-94410.

The 8th prize (10 AC 1.5 Ton) won by ticket numbers A-31762, B-90228, C-02551, D-52039, E-87582, F-40448. G-31082, H-72082,  I-01604 and J-82292.

The 9th prize (10 Tabs) were bagged by ticket numbers A-89595, B-34049, C-33049, D-03939, E-04051, F-49653. G-39654, H-86698, I-78669 and J-56483.

The 10th prize (10 Washing Machines) were bagged by ticket numbers A-34440, B-67874, C-56662, D-25652, E-58884,  F-14440. G-36562,  H-02028, I-02039 and J-65252.

The 11th Prize, (ten cash prizes of Rs.10,000/-) goes to tickets numbers of series having 5 digits 65652.

Accordingly 12th prize, (100 cash prizes of Rs.5000/-) goes to ticket numbers with their last four digits 1898.

Likewise 13th prize (1000 cash prizes of Rs.1,000/-) goes to tickets having last three digits 189.

During the day long Mela was attended by a large number of people from all walks of life, besides senior civil, police officers and lady members of Police Parivar. People showed great interest in the purchase of goods put for sale by the stall holders. Visitors enjoyed entertainment programmes presented by various cultural groups. Children in colourful dresses had thronged the venue early in the morning and enjoyed and amusement and magic show.

In the evening large number of people and children witnessed the raffle draw. They hailed the transparent procedure of draw adopted by the organizers.

Chairperson PAWWA, Mrs. K. Vijaya Rajendra thanked the people for their massive participation in the day long Mela. The prize winners have been advised to approach the AIG (Welfare) PHQ, along with original tickets to receive the prizes during office hours at PHQ.

Among others, the draw function was attended by ADsGP, SP Vaid, Navin Aggerwal, VK Singh, SM Sahai, Dilbag Singh and L Mohanati, IsGP,  AK Choudhary, HK Lohia, Deepak Kumar, SJM Gillani, MS Salaria, SK Sharma, MA Khan, Jagjit Kumar, MA Ganai and JP Singh, DIsGP, Viplav Kumar, Alok Kumar, SA Mujtaba and GH Bhat, AIsGP Sheikh Junaid Mahmood, Rajeshwar Singh, Tahir Sajad, Kulbir Singh and SZ Azad and Mela Nodal Officer, Zubair Ahmed Khan, prominent citizens and other police officers.


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