Political logjam to end in J&K sooner than expected, PDP-BJP coalition on the cards with irritants set aside

BJP-PDP, BJP, PDP, Bharatiya Janata Party, People's democratic Party, Jammu, Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir Government formation, J&K government Formation, BJP-PDP Government, BJP PDP Talks, BJP PDP GovernmentThe political stasis prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir is likely to end soon as both PDP, and BJP have decided to shed their inhibitions, and take a practical aprpoach to government formation. The decision to fight the Rajya Sabha election in alliance is being described as the first step towards the formation of the government in Jammu and Kashmir. Sources reveal that power sharing formula has been finalized between the two parties, and the arrangement has been worked out. As per highly placed sources Mufti Mohd Sayeed being a senior leader would be remain the CM for the entire tenure of six months but a Common Minimum Programme taking into account the sensibilities of both the coalition parties.

All the contentious issues are believed to have been discussed including the revocation of AFSPA, Article 370, trade with Pakistan as well as concerns of regional discrimination as espoused by the BJP. Sources said that PDP has also shown flexibility, and agreed to some demands of the BJP to ensure that government formation stays on track. The alliance has also resolved that the sentiments of the people of both Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh would be given due importance, and none will be taken for granted.

Moving to the formation of government, sources tell that a senior BJP functionary has been asked to visit Srinagar, and meet the PDP leadership to take the deal to final conclusion. The BJP High command in Delhi after meeting with state leaders has asked the functionary and work out the details of government formation. The leader will arrive in Kashmir on Tuesday, and hold discussions with the party. He is also likely to make a statement to the press in this regard. Source said that BJP has also become more keen on forming the government after it got feelers from PDP leadership that controversial issues could be set aside, and both parties should go ahead, and form the government. A key role in the formation of government would also be played by BJP general secretary Ram Madhav, who is likely to visit J&K at the end of this month.